(SER-GA-112) Gwinnett County Composite Squadron
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Being a CAP member is, for many, one of the most enriching parts of their lives. Like most clubs and organizations, CAP will introduce you to new endeavors and you will make many new acquaintances--some of whom will become friends for life. However, unlike most organizations, CAP has a life saving mission, and fulfilling that mission provides our members with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

We are a composite squadron, which means we support the Emergency Services mission of CAP with an all-adult, or senior program, and we support the Cadet Programs mission of CAP with a cadet component, which is dedicated to helping young people learn about leadership and aerospace. The Gwinnett County Composite Squadron is very active in both areas, and there are numerous opportunities for the cadets and senior members to work together.

Becoming a Cadet Member

Becoming a Senior Member


For more information about adult membership in Civil Air Patrol, contact our squadron recruiter, Capt Aizaz Shaikh.


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