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Becoming a CAP Cadet

To become a Gwinnett CAP Cadet you must:

• Be a US resident, age 12 to 19

• Attend a minimum of three cadet meetings

• Fill out an application including medical consent form and health certificate

• Pay dues

• Purchase uniform items (see below)

We encourage at least three meetings of observation so you can see what we do, week by week, and be able to decide if CAP is really for you. When you sign up, you will be expected to wear the unique Training Flight uniform. This uniform consists of the squadron tee shirt, the camouflage pants, cover (hat), belt, and boots. Tennis shoes are OK for your first night but you must give best efforts to buy your boots as soon as possible. The complete Airman uniform is allowed for wear after you promote out of training flight as an Airman. The time in Training Flight depends on you. This is usually eight weeks.

To find out more about our exciting and fun program, please come to any weekly meeting.  The cadet meeting is held every Thursday evening at 6:45 pm (1845 hours). We are located on the south side of the Gwinnett County airport at 740 Briscoe Blvd, Lawrenceville, GA.


Click HERE to learn about the Great Start program.


Cadet uniform patches, ribbons, rank insignia and accessories can be purchased individually. Some items are available from the squadron's own supply. A complete list of required uniform parts and accessories is provided with the application form available at the squadron and on this website. 

Other expenses will occur, such as fees and costs for special events and classes. You will be told what anticipated costs are prior to signing up for special events.

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