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Hangar Construction Journal

Gwinnett County Composite Squadron
Hangar Project Special Edition

Volume 2, Number 6

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

July 1998

A cool evening graces Gwinnett hangar construction

Lawrenceville, GA --On Tuesday, 14 July, Gwinnett seniors managed (without cadet help) to assemble nearly a dozen of the hangar arches. An assembly line style soon developed consisting of three teams: left and right arch-half assembly teams and a caulking team. Most of Gwinnett's cadets were at Wing Summer encampment, so they were denied the enjoyment of manual labor.

Pat Hargrove (standing) and Deb Schmid manned the caulking station.

Dan Willmann, Rick Phillips, and "Kos" size up two pieces on the "left team".
Harold Popham was a key player on the "right team".

As dusk sets in, a Learjet screams skyward distracting Sarah Snead for a moment.

Articles by: 2nd Lt Tom Schmid, CAP
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