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Gwinnett County Composite Squadron
Hangar Project Special Edition

Volume 5, Number 2

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

October 2001

Aircraft Occupy The Hangar For The First Time

The group two Cessna 172, which is known as "Oh Charlie Poppa" due to the last three digits of it's license number, was joined by the Georgia Glider Program Maule, "Two Charlie Poppa".

The Cessna, which was bought by CAP National Headquarters in 1997, is a 1996 model and loaded for serious search and rescue work.

The Maule was purchased last year by National Headquarters to supplement the Georgia Wing Glider Program.  It's principal mission is Glider Towing, but this Maule has special windows cut below each window on the sides to aid observers during search and rescue.

It is unlike the Cessna in another respect: it has a cloth covered fuselage and tail--a throwback to early days of aviation, but still a very viable method in aircraft construction!

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"Oh Charlie Poppa" sits to the left of "Two Charlie Poppa" awaiting their next mission.

The Maule has special windows for search 
and rescue.  It was acquired last year--
brand spankin' new! Both planes are 
regularly used for cadet orientation flights, 
as well.

The birds proudly show thier CAP insignia.  
Georgia is one of the few CAP Wings which 
have a uniform paint scheme and insignia on 
ALL of their aircraft.

What a mouse might see:  The cavernous 
hangar holds the two planes with ease.

The CAP insignia will be a welcome sight to 
downed pilots and others we may be called 
upon to rescue.

Articles by: Capt Tom Schmid, CAP
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