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Hangar Construction Journal

Gwinnett County Composite Squadron
Hangar Project Special Edition

Volume 2, Number 7

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

August 1998

Hangar arches rise--enthusiasm increases!

Lawrenceville, GA --Throughout the end of July and into August Gwinnett members performed the difficult task of raising the completed arch halves and bolting them together. Each arch is composed of a short half and a long half and requires the short arch to be raised first and fastened to the currently erect structure. Then the long half is raised so that it will overlap (on the downhill side) the short half, thus guaranteeing proper rain runoff.

Thirteen arches have been assembled at this point. 

Only eighty-five to go!

Front view of the hangar. Completed arch halves lie in the foreground 
ready for assembly.

Saftey First! Tony Keegan, Deputy Commander, scales the high 
ladder while Cadet Jason Rush spots for him. Cadet Bredan 
Fowler helps with fasteners on the low ladder with Cadet 
Alexander Daly spotting.

The embossed ridges give the arches lateral stiffness and the 
deep "V" cross section provides longitudinal strength. Together, 
the structure is like a monocoque shell that requires no framework.
Simplicity and strength!

Jim Weed (left) and Preston Sewell help tighten bolts on the 
outside of the hangar. The overcast sky threatened rain but 
the threat was idle.

Articles by: 2nd Lt Tom Schmid, CAP
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