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Hangar Construction Journal

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Hangar Project Special Edition

Volume 2, Number 9

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

November 1998

Hangar arches rise--More Pictures. . .
MAJ Daniel Willman led a hangar building party on the morning of 7 November.


The work began in the autumn morning chill to follow up on cadet hangar activity of 5 November. Three arches were assembled on the ground on 5 November and fourteen more were completed on 7 November. Only nine more need to be built for the "ground stage" to be done. Then, the twenty five completed arches can be attached to the hangar shell, the doors added, and the hangar shell will be complete!

Two cadets warm their hands by the halogen lamps.
Work on 5 November was done in the chilly autumn gloom. 

By this date, seventy three of the ninety eight arches have been completely assembled. On the previous Thursday night, several cadets elected to skip the regular cadet meeting events and pitch in with hangar construction duties. They assembled three arches on the ground in the dark.

Cadets caulk the segment joints. 

Cadets D. Turner (left standing), Dejaeger (right standing), 
and ??? (seated) help 2LT Deb Schmid assemble an arch segment.
There are eight segments in a complete arch and twelve bolts 
to hold each segment--72 bolts per arch, just to join segments.
To join each arch to the hangar requires eighty bolts as well! 

Cadet Natalie Johnston caulks an arch 
segment and explains the art to new recruits 
(in watchcaps). Work on the morning of 8 
November started out with temperatures in 
the middle thirties. It was shirt sleeves 
after noon.

Only twenty five to go!


Articles by: 2nd Lt Tom Schmid, CAP
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