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Hangar Construction Journal

Gwinnett County Composite Squadron
Hangar Project Special Edition

Volume 3, Number 2

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

September 1999

Hangar Internal Construction Begins

Internal construction on the unit hangar began in earnest on Saturday 25 September.

Will Hargrove, Tony Keegan, Preston and Patrick Sewell, Rick Phillips, Jim Weed and Tom Schmid had help from Will's friend Ken Savage.

Ken is a professional carpenter. He quickly assumed command and taught everyone what they needed to know to be productive. His support was invaluable.

The plans call for several offices on the north wall. There will be an administration office, a testing room, a cadet officers office, supply, and the squadron commander's office.

The south side will have a large meeting room with a vaulted ceiling that slopes from eight feet high on the low end to twelve feet high.

A spacious corridor will separate the offices from the meeting room.


Will Hargrove and Rick Phillips put considerable 
effort into the sheet metal work for the front 
door (on the south wall).

From left: Preston and Patrick Sewell stand with Tony Keegan after the first
wall section was put up.  The wall is assembled on the floor, then 
raised and nailed into the floor.  This is truly FUN!

The entire north wall. Overall, it took about three hours for four people to assemble this. 
It is anticipated that further wall construction will be even quicker as the participants 
learn about rough-in work.  The triangle shaped 2x4s at each end are temporary supports until 
the room dividing walls are added.

Articles by: 1st Lt Tom Schmid, CAP
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