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Hangar Construction Journal

Gwinnett County Composite Squadron
Hangar Project Special Edition

Volume 4, Number 1

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

January 2000

Hangar Internal Construction: Part 2

The framing of the interior of the hangar is nearly complete. All the office walls and ceilings are done and plumbing has been started. Drywall has been added on each firewall, one of which separates the garage from the office area and the other that separates the hangar and the office area.

Click on the blue arrows on the floorplan to see images in the direction each arrow faces. Hit the Back button on your browser after viewing each image.

  1. The garage area is roomy and will house the Iron Pig.

  2. View from the main entrance. A plumber works at the left, while LT Deb Schmid looks on.

  3. Another plumber places pipe for the hand wash station in the hangar area.

  4. View from the back row of the classroom.

  5. Hangar firewall. The uncovered office is for Squadron Administration.

  6. A look down the main hallway. The garage firewall is at the end.

  7. Looking in the classroom from its doorway. Note the vaulted 12 foot high ceiling.

  8. From the hallway, looking at the bathrooms. LT Tim Nunn picks his way cautiously.

  9. Doorway to the classroom is on the left. Doorway on the right is to the communications room.

  10. Oblique view of the hallway entrance.

Articles by: 1st Lt Tom Schmid, CAP 
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