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Volume 5, Number 3

Eyes and Ears of 09112 Since 1997

October 2001

Dedication - Celebration!

Lawrenceville, GA--On Ocotber 11, 12 and 13, Gwinnett hosted a series of open houses to celebrate the grand opening of the hangar.

October 11's celebration was during the cadet's usual Thursday meeting,and it was limited to Gwinnett members and family only.

Cadets held opening formation and the color guard presented the colors. Afterwards, the cadets performed drill exercises for their parents.

The meeting on October 12th was an open house to the public.

On Saturday, October 13th, another public open house was conducted from 0900 to 1600 hours.  Afterwards, from 2000 to 2200 hours, an invitation only open house was conducted to  commemorate the hangar.

During the commemoration ceremony, Chaplain Robert Powers provided an invocation and gave thanks for the spirit, dedication, and effort of all involved.


Wing commander, Colonel Verne Fowler and former CAP national commander, Major General Gene Harwell, also praised the unit's efforts and especially those of Gwinnett commander Lt. Col. Will Hargrove.

A series of awards were presented (see below) and the dedication switched to open house with tours of the new facility and refreshments provided to the guests.

Among those attending were the entire family of Chaplain Lt. Col. James West, former Georgia Wing commander Col. Chris Franklin, and Georgia Wing CAP-USAF liaison officer, Lt. Col. Alan King, USAF.

Lt. Col. Hargrove announced that a memorial would be build at the site of our future flagpole to honor the late Chaplain West.

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Above: Chaplain, Capt. Robert Powers addressed 
the guest with an invocation and gave thanks 
to all involved.

Below: Guests fill the classroom and listen 
intently to dedication speeches. A sign of the 
times was the absense of Group 2 commander, 
Maj. John Rudio, who was called to active duty 
in the wake of the events of September 11th.

Capt. Preston Sewell was recognized for his 
extraordinary efforts to make the hangar 
project a reality.  Capt. Sewell is a 
professional engineer by trade and was 
responsible for all the hangar's blueprints, 
which show electrical wiring, building framing, 
plumbing, etc.

Here, he receives a framed limited edition 
print of General Steve Ritchie's F-4 Phantom
from Gwinnett Composite Squadron commander, 
Lt. Col. Will Hargrove.

Cadet Blake Hoffmeyer receives the General 
Billy Mitchell award from Georgia Wing 
commander,Col. Verne Fowler (left), former 
CAP national commander, Maj. Gen. Gene Harwell 
(center right) and Gwinnett Composite Squadron 
commander, Lt. Col. Will Hargrove (center left).

Cadet Eric Washburn is promoted to C/1st Lt. 
by Georgia Wing commander, Col.  Verne Fowler 
(left), former CAP national commander, Maj. 
Gen.  Gene Harwell (center left), national 
commander, Maj. Gen. Gene Harwell (center 
left) and Gwinnett Composite Squadron commander,
Lt. Col. Will Hargrove (center right).

Portait of Success: attendees stand beneath the mighty hangar walls in front of two 
Georgia Wing aircraft.

Articles by: Capt Tom Schmid, CAP
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